7th Grade Students are required to research, create and present a Major Curriculum Project.
The Subject Area : Foreign Language.

7th Graders who study SPANISH as his/her target language will be working on the topic:

Theme: El Día de Los Muertos

7th Grade Brings "Day of the Dead" to Life !

Here are the details outlined with deadlines and assignments.


╝ To create a fun, interactive and informative experience for all of the senses to enjoy.
- VISUALS both 2 and 3 dimensionals.
- AURAL : audio portions and musical presentations (either in-person or recorded)
- SMELLS: of Incense and Aroma of FOOD items and Scent of Flowers.
- TASTES of food samples.
- Touch

╝ To share with others (through display and demonstration) the traditions and meanings of how the Mexican people in particular, celebrate the reverent holiday of El Día de Los Muertos/ The Day of the Dead.

╝ To bring relevance to the history of Catholic traditions that have been assimilated into this celebration.
(Although the ritual has since been merged with Catholic tradition,
it still maintains some basic principles of an Aztec ritual, such as the use of skulls.)

╝To require the use of technology in several ways throughout the project in order to advance and enhance the quality of our end product.


▒ As a class we will construct a full-sized OFRENDA to be displayed prominently in the Great Hall for
SMSA's Annual Open House at the end of January 2010.

▒ The students will clearly label and define all terms related to the items on the ofrenda.

▒ Each student will be responsible for 1 independent project , completed on his/her own time (at home,etc.)

▒ The rest of the presentation will be completed during class and lab times throughout the upcoming weeks.

Major Topics to be Included:

╗Calaveritas de Azucar
╗Todos Los Santos / All Saints Day
╗Sugar Cane

Trace symbols and colorize examples of traditional themes for Day of the Dead
Frosted velum to display.

SUGAR SKULLS / Calaveritas de Azucar:
In SPANISH class / in the TECH LAB: Research Websites with info, recipes and photos of traditional Sugar Skulls.
Make Sugar Skulls as a class.
Photograph the process and the finished products.
Students will be working over 2 class periods in order to create and complete his/her project.
Students will be allowed to take his/her work home and eat it if desired.

Sra. Ackermann will: (at a later date)
Choose 3 to 5 students to make samples for the OFRENDA.

Large Poster Project:
Each student will make a poster of a topic from our theme's list.
Randomly chosen topics from 'hat'/sombrero.

Posters will be uniform in size and color.
Posters will be hand designed by the students.
A brief definition/explanation of the topic will be legible and easy to understand.
Student will do a brief image search on-line or draw or cut from a magazine to include a large graphic as a pictoral 'definition'/ example of each item that will be represented on our ofrenda.

RESEARCH: (independent portion of the project)
Topics will be randomly given (chosen from the sombrero).
Each student will work on the report indepently and will earn an additional grade for this.
Research on-line or in library.
Write a more in-depth explanation of his/her assigned topic.
These will be created with display-quality and ready to mount on the wall beside the ofrenda.

!!Specific Details click here...COMING SOON!!

PAPEL PICADO: Each student will complete to the best of his/her ability, an authentic banner from of PAPEL PICADO. These will be made on tissue paper and cut with exacto knives. (¡ OJO! VERY SHARP) The students will be given at least 3 full class periods in the CAL lab for this project. MUSIC: (Entire Class together/ GROUP PORTION of the project) IN CLASS ,the students will listen to and learn at least 2 songs about Day of the Dead. They will learn to sing them and we will be recorded with the video camera. These songs will be included in our movie/video presentation that will run in a 'loop' and be placed next to the ofrenda. PAN DE MUERTO: Students will work in small groups to translate the recipe / receta in Spanish. Then they will make the dough and bake the bread according to his/her translations. ---OK preocupes....Sra. Ackermann will check each group for an accurate job before moving forward with the actual process of making and baking! Due to the 'freshness factor' for providing taste samples at the open house...this project will be reserved for the last week before the open house. SPEAKING PORTION / IN SPANISH : ('Small group' portion of the project) Groups will be assigned in a fashion decided by Sra. Ackermann. 2-3 students per group with some over-lapping for those who wish to be in more than one topic. The group will write out a brief script in preparation for the group's filming of the topic. IN SPANISH LANGUAGE and then TRANSLATED. BOTH will be read aloud by students, on camera. !!!COMING SOON !!! CLICK HERE FOR SCRIPT EXAMPLES: