octubre/ October 2009 MEMOS

MEMO #1. ¡Comprendes Más! / Understand More! Sessions


¡Comprendes Más! is an original “punch-card” program that I developed a few years ago & this year my schedule finally allows me to offer this additional resource to my Spanish Students! (Sessions are held within school hours & at NO ADDITIONAL cost):

¡Comprendes Más! (UNDERSTAND MORE!)

Extra Credit is earned for attendance & participation (those students exhibiting appropriate behavior, of course) ¡C.M.! is available to : the ADVANCING STUDENT who wants to ask that next question and for the STRUGGLING STUDENT who wants additional help with difficult concepts & EVERY STUDENT in between.
The program has been up-and- running since the 3rd week of school and has been well-attended!
Being able to work with my students in a more casual way has enabled us to have a good time while working together.

There are mini-group; semi-private; & if your particular schedule is in conflict with everyone else in your Spanish grade’s class... private sessions; available each week.

Simply put, at whatever level you are,
you’ll get more tools and more information to help you and to excite you to
UNDERSTAND MORE! —get it? Well, if you attend, you will get it !

Customized Session TOPICS are chosen
by ‘need’ as seen by myself and/ or by the STUDENTS who are attending: he/she may ask for specific topics and all topics and any level of that topic is open for review, reinforcement or introduction.

No question is too insignificant. No student is unwelcome
(unless unproductive or disruptive behavior is exhibited during more than one C.M. Session).

The basic schedule (per grade level) is posted inside the doorway of the 3rd Floor Spanish Classroom. Additional appointments can be set-up by connecting with me about scheduling for that particular week.

Each time you attend a ¡C.M.! Session:
A box will be punched- out on this card.
  • 5 Points will be added 5 Points will be added to your lowest test grade.
  • You will UNDERSTAND MORE! Spanish!
Each student will receive a card for the year.
If the card is filled, he/she will be issued a new one.

All students are welcome to attend.
Some students will be invited.
Some students will be required